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The Eclectic Physician
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by Beth Burch N.D.


Wrinkles in the skin develop because the supportive tissue of the skin, connective tissue loses its elasticity due to damage. Avoiding sun exposure and cigarette smoking will help to prevent wrinkles.

Alternative treatments for wrinkles -

Gotu Kola- shown to improve the support structure of the skin.
Liquid extract- 1-2 teaspoons three times a day
Dry herb in capsules- 500-1000 mg three times a day
Standardized extract (40% asiaticoside, 30% asiatic acid, 30% madecassic acid) -20-40 mg three times a day

AHA's- alpha hydroxy acids derived from fruit acids are used as face peels, removing dead skin cells and increasing the thickness of the skin which allows the skin to hold more moisture and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. One study showed it helped diminish wrinkles in 90% of people who used it twice a day for 6 months.

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