substances around home that can be used as sexual lubricants.

Question on Sexual Disfunction

What are some substances around the home that can be used as sexual lubricants? Does shampoo work?


A good choice if you don’t use latex condoms, or a diaphragm or cervical cap is any good quality vegetable oil. Olive, sesame, sweet almond or avocado will work well. Be sure the oil is not old or rancid. Latex rubber condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps will all be damaged by any oil based lubricant, so be sure to choose a water based one like K-Y jelly if you depend on these forms of birth control.

I don’t think shampoo would be a good idea. Shampoo is a detergent or soap based product and will be harsh on the delicate genital and vaginal tissues. Soaps and detergents can also disrupt the normal protective bacteria present in the vagina, increasing susceptibility to vaginal and urinary tract infections.

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