Food allergies that give me a very fuzzy head

Question on Food Allergies

I have food allergies that give me a very fuzzy head. The symptoms are helped immensely by oral sodium chromoglycate (Nalcrom) taken before meals. I have noticed, however, that in the first couple of days of a cold, my food allergy symptoms almost completely disappear and my head becomes crystal clear. My wit and imagination come back. It is very frustrating when after a couple of days my fuzzy head returns. What is going on? How can I maintain that wonderfully clear head?


I would suggest that you may have better results if you avoid the foods that you are allergic to, rather than utilizing medications to cover up the symptoms. Complete avoidance of food allergens usually results in dramatic resolution of food allergy symptoms within a short period. After symptoms improve, foods can often be reintroduced on a rotation basis.

If you do not know which foods you are allergic to, you will want to have food allergy testing done. There are a number of blood tests that can check for hundreds of different foods. Another way to identify food allergies is an elimination diet with food reintroduction. This method is less expensive, but will take more time.

You will probably want to consult with a physician experienced in the treatment of food allergies, both for testing and to utilize food rotation. There are many medical doctors who offer this, as well as naturopathic physicians.

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