Capsaicin for neuropathy.

Question on Neuropathy

I’m looking for information on creams that contain Capcin for the use with neuropathy of the feet. My husband has numbness to the toes and sharp pain. We heard that a cream with capcin will relieve the pain. Can I make this at home? If not, where can I purchase it?


Capsaicin cream can be a very helpful topical pain relief agent. It is made from one of the constituents (capsaicin) of cayenne pepper (Capsicum). Capsaicin appears to help with decreasing pain in arthritis, neuralgia from shingles and diabetic neuropathy by depleting substance P, the main chemical transmitter of pain impulses to the brain. It is applied topically to the skin, and results in decreased pain after several days of use. The main side effects are redness, stinging and burning of the skin where it is applied, but this disappears after a few days of use. A few people are allergic to capsaicin so anyone who is allergic to the pepper or nightshade family should not use it. Hands must be washed carefully after application and the cream should never be applied to broken or irritated areas or used near the eyes.

Capsaicin cream is available over the counter at drug stores in several brands and strengths. Follow package directions carefully. Of course, I would recommend that you speak with your husband’s doctor before using the cream to make sure there are no contraindications for its use in his condition.

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