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Swallowing large vitamin pills.


Are there any vitamins that aren't horse pills? I have a very hard time swallowing large pills. I have tried everything, even cutting them up. The end result is that it doesn't help, and it's way too much trouble, so I don't take any type of vitamin at all. I would like to take a multivitamin with minerals, but I can't find one I can swallow.


It is true that most high potency vitamin and mineral supplements in tablet and capsule form are often large and difficult to swallow. But there are several alternatives that can help ensure that you are getting the nutrients necessary for good health.

First, eat a well balanced diet of whole foods. Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, fish and lean meat and dairy products will provide many needed vitamins and minerals. Also avoid nutrient deficient foods like sugar, white flour, and processed/ packaged foods which provide calories but are lacking in important vitamins and minerals. Also avoid caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks which can increase loss of valuable minerals like calcium from the body.

There are a number of choices for vitamin and mineral supplements that you may want to try. For high potency supplementation, there are several good vitamin -mineral powders on the market. These can be mixed into juice or food and provide good levels of all vitamins and minerals. For more basic supplementation of a very good diet, there are liquid and chewable vitamin mineral supplements. Even a good children's chewable vitamin mineral can provide basic levels of nutrients. Another possibility with a good diet is to use supplements of some vitamins and minerals. Important choices here would be beta-carotene (available in small pills, liquids and chewables), vitamin E ( comes in small gelcaps, liquid and chewable), vitamin C (available in liquid, powder and chewable forms) and calcium r and magnesium (lots of choices in chewables, liquids and powders).

Many people are now using the powdered vitamin and mineral supplements. You can make a daily İsmoothyİ with vitamin - mineral powder, a soy powder and fruit. Yogurt can also be added. This is a tasty and nutritious way to get your vitamins and minerals and the health benefits of soy without having to swallow pills.

Your local health food store should have a good selection of all these choices, along with information about good diet.

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