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Poor nail growth related to poor nutrition, especially lack of minerals.


Since I had major surgery 11 months ago, I have had ridges on my nails. I asked my doctor, but he doesn't know the cause. Do I need to take an herb, vitamin or mineral?


It is not unusual to have ridges or defects in the nails following a serious illness. If the underlying condition is treated, then the nails will grow out normally over time. You and your doctor will want to make sure that any health conditions are being treated satisfactorily.

Poor nail growth can also be related to poor nutrition, especially lack of minerals and protein. Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet with enough protein. Your doctor can help advise you on how much protein and any other dietary changes you should make. A good multiple vitamin mineral supplement is a good idea to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need. If you are on medications, be sure to talk with your doctor or pharmacist to identify any contraindications for taking vitamins or minerals.

Nail damage can also occur from a variety of disease conditions including psoriasis, hypothyroidism and fungal infections of the nails. Make sure your doctor has checked for these problems. Also, nail polishes and removers as well as artificial nails can cause nail damage, especially when used over time. You may want to discontinue the use of these products for a time to allow your nails to grow out.

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