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Is Arnica montana safe to take after plastic surgery?


Is Arnica montana safe to take after plastic surgery? If so, how much should be taken? Pills, gels or both? What strength? And at what point should I begin taking it?


Homeopathic Arnica montana is frequently used when having a surgical procedure. It is indicated to help prevent bruising and pain from the surgical incision. In the homeopathic form it is very safe. The botanical extract is toxic and should not be used internally. It is used for sore muscles, sprains and strains as a topical preparation, but should not be used on broken skin including surgical incisions.

Since there are other supplements and homeopathic remedies that are helpful to promote wound healing and prevent infection and bleeding when you have a surgical procedure, I will outline a naturopathic protocol.

Starting 3-4 weeks before surgery begin taking a good multiple vitamin mineral combination which includes a daily dose of 45-50 mg of zinc, 3 mg of copper, and 20,000 to 50,000 IU of Vitamin A or Beta-carotene (limit to 5000 IU if pregnant or contemplating pregnancy). Vitamin C should be included at 5000 mg per day. At 2 weeks before surgery, begin including an animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk) at least once a day.

At 1 week before surgery, slowly reduce the vitamin-mineral supplements and discontinue them the day before surgery.

On the day before surgery take Arnica 30C one dose every 8 hours, one dose of Phosphorus 30 C at bedtime and if you are anxious or fearful one dose of Gelsemium 12C.

On the day of surgery take Arnica 30C two doses in the 12 hours before surgery and one dose of Phosphorus 30C right before surgery. After you are awake from the anesthetic take Arnica 30C one dose every 6 hours.

As soon as you are able to take food again, resume the vitamin mineral supplements and continue for 2-4 weeks. Also resume eating an animal protein twice daily for one week. To help your body heal quickly be sure to get plenty of rest both before and after the surgery.

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